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Active Ingredients and Excipients

Pharmaceutical drugs, veterinary drugs, formulation combine two core components – the active ingredients and excipients. 

The active ingredient is the central ingredient that is responsible for the intended therapeutic, medicinal, or biochemical effects in a recipient.

Excipients, on the other hand, are substances other than the core drug or agrochemical component that facilitate the manufacture, stability, delivery, and function of the drug. They are typically inert (non-medicinal) components of a drug that do not have any medicinal or biochemical effect.

Arichem Limited imports a broad range of high-quality active ingredients and excipients from the world’s top manufacturers to meet your formulation requirements. We supply these raw materials in a range of quantities from bulk supplies to smaller quantities in gallons and other types of packages.

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Acesulfame Pottasium BPSalbutamol Sulphate BP
Aerosil 200Salicylic acid BP
Aerosil 200 PharmaSantophene(4-chloro-2-Benzyl phenol)
Albendazole USPSilver Sulphadiazine USP
Albendazole CP VET 2005Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP
Aminosidine Sulphate USPSimethicone 100% USP 28
Ammonium BiCarbonate BPSodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP) F.G
Ammonium Chloride Sodium Tripolyphosphate detergent
Ammonium Chloride USPSalinomycin 12% granular feed grade
AcetoneSodium Ascorbate USP35
Amprolium HCL BP 2008/USP 32Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate(SAPP)F.G.
Aspartame FCC IV 100meshSodium Benzoate purox S Grains
Aspirin BP 20/60 MeshSodium Benzoate BP Powder
Atrophine SulphateSodium Bicarbonate Food Grade
Amethocaine HCL BPSodium Chloride BP Parenteral grade
Ashwaganha powderTriSodium Citrate BP98
Aloe Vera GelSodium Cromoglycate BP
Bees Wax WhiteSodiumDihydrogen
Bentonite BPPhosphate Dihydrate
Benzyl Konium Chloride BP 50%Sodium Hydroxide Flakes 98%
Benzyl Konium Chloride BP 80%Tween 20 (Polysorbate 20)
Benzyl Benzoate BPTween 80 (Polysorbate 80)
Benzyl Alcohol BPTween 60 (Polysorbate 60)
Benzoic Acid Bp-in drumsTobramycin Sulphate USP in BOU
Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate BPTripolidine HCL BP
Betamethasone 17 Valerate BPTylosine Tartrate
Bismuth SubgallateVeegum
Bromhexine Hcl BPLight White Mineral Oil-tech 15 ex Apar,
Boric AcidWhite Mineral Oil-Pharma 68
Borax (Sodium Borate) BPLight white oil tech15,RAJOL WT80
BronopolXanthan Gum 80 mesh
Butyl Hydrixy Toluene (BHT)Xanthan Gum 200 mesh
Butyl GlycolZinc Oxide BP/USP
Butyl Paraben BpZinc Pyrithione 96%
Carbomer (Acrypol 940)Zinc Bacitracin 15% Premix Feed grade
Carbomer 990Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 21% Conditioner Base(Dehyquart)
Calcium Carbonate LightColistin Sulphate BP
Calcium Carbonate HeavyEnrofloxacin Hcl
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate BPErythromycin Ethyl Succinate BP
Calcium Gluconate BPEthanol 96%
Calcium Lactate PentahydrateAbsolute Ethanol 99.9%
Calcium Propionate PowderGinol EGMS(EthyleneGlycol Fenbendazole CPV 2005
Camphor SyntheticFerric Ammonium Citrate
Capsicum Oleoresin 8%Ferrous Gluconate BP
Carbocisteine AJI 92Ferrous Sulphate Dried BP (150mesh)
Calamine Powder USPFolic Acid
Carnuba Wax Prime YellowFormalin 37%(260kgs drum)
Cellulose Acetate Phathalate (CAP)Formalin 37%(35kgs drum)
Cetomacrogol PEG1000(Ginonic CSA 20Gelatin Powder 180 Bloom 5-15 Mesh
Ceto Stearyl Alcohol 1618TA ex GodrejGentian Violet BP 80 Crystals
Ceto Stearyl Alcohol 1618TA ex VVFGentamycin Sulphate BP
Cetyl Alcohol 98% FlakesGlacial Acetic Acid
Cetyl Palmitate(Ginol CP)Glutardehyde 50%
Cetrizine DiHCLGlycerine refined 99.7%
Cetrimide Powder 98% BPGlycerolMonostearate(GMS)40% powder
Chlorobutanol BPGlycerol Monostearate(GMS)40%flakes
Chlorhexidine Dicluconate 20% Distilled Monoglycerides(DMG)Remosoft
Chloramphenicol Palmitate Micronised Guaiphenesin BP
Chloropheniramine MaleateGuanidine Carbonate 99%min
Chlorocresol BP(PCMC)Guar Gum BP 200Mesh,5500cps min
Chloroxylenol BP(PCMX)Hard Paraffin Wax fully refined
Choline Chloride 60% PowderHydrochloric Acid 31-33%
Citric Acid Anhydrous BP 30/100meshHydrocortisone Base BP 93Micro
Citric Acid Monohydrate 10/40meshHydrocortisone Acetate BP
Clotrimazole BP2000Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade
Cobalt Sulphate Feed GradeHydrogen Peroxide 50%
Cobalt Carbonate 46% Min Feed GradeHydroxyethyl cellulose100000(Natrosol
Concentrated wax (PJ) BPHydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose 5cps
CMC Sodium 3400cpsHPMC VIVAPHARM E50
CMC Sodium BLANOSEWhite Microwax Odourless,PJP 350
Coco Diethyl Amine(CDE) 85%Snow White Microwax, PJP310
Cocamimo Propyl Betaine (CAPB) 30%Micro wax DNW 160s
Copper Sulphate PentahydrateMicro wax DNW 170s
Cross Carmellose Sodium BPMono propylene Glycol pharma grade
Cyproheptadine HCL BPMonosodium Glutamate FCC
Cyclopentolate HCl BP-in gmsMono Ethanol Amine ( MEA)
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate BPMyristyl Myristate(GINCOL MM)
Dextromethorpan HbrNaphazolin HCL USP
Dextrose Anhydrous BP injectable Neomycin Sulphate BP Oral
Dextrose Monohydrate Food grade Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate 9(NPE 9)
Dextrose Monohydrate injection grade Norfloxacin
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate BPNystatin EP5-per BOU
DCP Dihydrate food gradeOleic acid 75%
DCP Feed grade GranularOxyclozanide Vet BP
Dichlorophene TechnicalOxytetracycline HCL BP
Diclofenac Sodium BPParacetamol Powder BP
Dicyclomine HCL Pectin HM (rapid Set)
Diethyl phthalate 99% MinPearlizer 40%
Diloxanide FuroatePiperazine Citrate B.P
Dimethicone 350cps (Silicon Oil)Phosphoric acid food grade 85%
Diphenhydramine HCL BPPotassium Chloride (in drums) BP
DiPotassium Hydrogen Potassium Citrate BP
Phosphate BPs Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate DihyPotassium Iodide BP
Disodium EDTA 99%Potassium Sorbate FCC
Dimethyl AcetimidePotassium Sulphaguaiacolate
Doxycycline Hyclate BPPotassium Hydroxide 90% white flakes
Dried Aluminium Hydroxide GelPovidone Iodine USP26
Emulsifying wax-non ionicPregelatinised Maize Starch BP
Emulsifying Wax- AnionicPrednisolone Base
Ibuprofen BPPrednisolone Sodium Phosphate,ingms
Ichthammol BP 98Promethazine HCL
Ivermectin BP VetPropyl Paraben BP
Iodine Crystals MIN 99.5%Propyl Paraben Sodium BP
Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) 99% BPTriPotassium Citrate Monohydrate USP
Isopropyl Alcohol Technical GradePovidone PVP 25 USP 26
IsoPropyl Myristate(IPM)GincolPVP K 30 USP 26
IsoPropyl Palmitate(IPP)PVP K 90 USP 26
Lactose Monohydrate 200 MeshPyrimethamine HCL micronised
Lactic Acid 80%Sodium Cyclamate 80mesh
Lanolin Anhydrous USPSodium Lactate 60% BP Solution
Lanolin PEG 75 (SOLAN E)Sodium Lactate 60% Food grade
Lecithin Soya ( in 200kgs & 20kgs)Sodium Lauryl Sulphate(SLS) Needles
Levamisole Hcl BP 2000Sodium Lauryl Sulphate powder
DL- Methionine Feed Grade 99%SLES 70% 2 mol ( Ungarol)
Liquid Glucose 43BESodium Metabisulphite foodgrade exTur
Light Kaolin BP (ETO Sterlised)Sodium Saccharin 8/12 mesh BP
Lidocaine HCL BpSodium Saccharin 40/80 mesh BP
Loperamide HCLSodium Selenite 45%
L-Lysine HCL 98.5% feed gradeSolvent C10 (Silvent Naphtha 150)
Lysol 50%(Cresol BP) Sodium starch Glycolate (Maize)
Magnesium Carbonate Light BPSodium Sulphate anhydrous
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate BPSorbitol 70% Solution NC grade
Magnesium Hydroxide BpStearic acid triple pressed
Magnesium Stearate BPStearic acid-Hystric OR(MR)
Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate Stearyl Alcohol 98%(GINOL 18)
Magnesium Trisilicate BPSulphadimidine BP VET
Maize starch BPSulphadimidine Sodium Bp
Maize starch food grade Sulphadoxine BP 98
Malt ExtractSulfadiazine BASE BP
Manganese Sulphate Feed gradeSulphamethoxazole BP
Mannitol BPSulphamethoxazole BP Micronised
Mebendazole USP(micronized)whiteSulphonic Acid(LABSA) 90%
Menthol crystals natural Sulphonic Acid(LABSA) 96%
Mepyramine Maleate BPSulphur Powder
Methylene Chloride Talcum powder purified BP grade
Methyl Salicylate BPTerpeniol 95% min
Methlyl Paraben Sodium BPTetracycline Hcl BP
Methyl Paraben B.PTetra Sodium EDTA
Methyl Cellulose 400mpcTimolol maleate BP
Metronidazole BPTurpentine Oil
Metronidazole Benzoate BPTri ethanolamine(TEA) 99%
Miconazole Nitrate BPTitanium Dioxide Rutile
Microcrystalline Cellulose ph102L-Threonine Feed Grade
Rafoxanide BP VETTrimethoprim BP Micronised

Active Ingredients

Active pharmaceutical ingredients are the raw materials used in the manufacture of various drugs. They are available in various forms including powder and crystals. An active ingredient cannot be used solely or directly for clinical purposes but only during the processing and packaging of clinical drugs. Active ingredients are the components in drugs that are responsible for the affecting the intended changes in the system including diagnosis, symptom relief, treatment, or disease prevention.

Arichem sources and supplies only the active pharmaceutical and agrochemical ingredients that are developed through processes and equipment that comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). This is the guarantee we have that the active ingredients that we supply to our clients are of the highest quality and purity while at the same time remaining stable for the period intended for their use. Further, we ensure that we source only the ingredients whose chemical structure of their molecules is well known and approved.

Arichem will deliver to you active ingredients in bulk or any other quantity that you wish. Therefore, for whatever active ingredient you need, such as paracetamol powder, Ibuprofen, or Diclofenac Sodium for drug manufacturing, you can rely on Arichem as your trusted reliable supplier. 

Active ingredients are used for the formulation of a range of products including:


  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cleaning products and detergents
  • Sanitizers


Commercially available drugs are formulated in four main forms including tablets, capsules, liquids for instance the cough syrups, or fluids most often used for delivery of the drug through intravenous infusion in hospitals.

Other common forms in which drugs are available including topical creams, gels, implants, inhalers, transdermal patches, and suppositories. Drugs in their various forms contain a very small portion of active ingredients. The active ingredient is packaged along with excipients during processing.

Excipients are the inactive ingredients present in drugs other than the active ingredient. While these inactive ingredients may not have any biochemical effects in a recipient, they are equally essential components of a drug and typically represent the bulk, accounting for up to 90% of drugs.

Excipients facilitate the delivery and absorption of the active ingredient into the human, animal, or plant system where it is intended to affect biochemical and medicinal changes.

Excipients in both original and generic versions of drugs are considered “GRAS” meaning generally recognized as safe for consumption.

The role of excipients in a product

The difference between an active ingredient and excipients is the role that they play in a drug. Aside from facilitating the design of different drug forms and the delivery of the active ingredient for effective absorption into the body, excipients also play the following roles:


  • They create the aesthetics that help with product identification
  • They act as a buffer and preservative to protect the active ingredients from denaturing and give the drug a full shelf life
  • They are used to stabilize active ingredients in medications
  • They aid the process of manufacturing in formulating the form, shape, and color of drugs
  • They act as fillers where the active ingredient is not sufficient to be formulated into a complete drug whether in the form of a tablet, capsule, or syrup
  • They are used as binding agents to hold the ingredients of a formulated product together
  • They are used to coat capsules and tablets making them easier to swallow
  • They are used as disintegrants to facilitate the breaking down of drugs in the system during absorption.
  • They add flavor to drugs

Categories of Excipients

Excipients fall under several broad categories. There are currently over 40 functional categories of excipients in pharmaceutical products.
Arichem offers a full range of excipients including:

1. Excipients for oral dosage formulations

These are excipients used in the formulation of oral dosage drugs and include disintegrants, stabilizers, diluents, lubricants, glidants, surfactants, binders (compressible, granulation, and high-functionality), plasticizers, sweeteners, colorants, flavors, release-controlling polymers, and film-coating polymers.

Arichem stocks and distributes the following oral dosage excipients


  • Lactose Monohydrate
  • Mannitol BP
  • Magnesium Trisilicate
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Sorbitol
  • Calcium Phosphate
  • Maize starch
  • Sodium starch Glycolate

2. Excipients for suspensions and solutions formulations

A suspension is a liquid with fine particles of a drug scattered within it in which case the drug is not fully dissolved and is visible through the suspension. Suspensions are dissolved and absorbed faster into the system compared to solid forms of dosage.

Syrups, on the other hand, are pharmaceutical solutions in which a drug is completely dissolved. Syrup excipients are used in the formulation of pharmaceutical solutions.
Suspensions are useful in the formulation of oral drugs, parenteral preparations, topical products, inhaled respiratory drugs, film-coated tablets, and suppositories.

Arichem supplies a wide range of syrup and suspension excipients including


  • Sorbitol
  • Carbomers
  • Liquid glucose
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose

3. Excipients for powder and aerosol formulations

Excipients used for pharmaceutical inhalation aerosols and dry powder inhaler formulation. Pharmaceutical aerosols are widely used for the treatment and management of symptoms for conditions like asthma and chronic bronchitis.

These formulations are dispensed through propellant-driven, dry-powder inhalers, or metered-dose inhalers.
Excipients in this case are used as carriers of active ingredients or as actives together with the active ingredients in which case they exist together to enhance the aerosol performance.

4. Topical formulation excipients
Excipients used for the formulation of topical medication aid the active ingredient to penetrate the skin. Topicals are usually formulated in liquid or solid forms and include gels, creams, and ointments.

Arichem’s topical formulation excipients portfolio includes a range of high-quality excipients for pharmaceutical drugs and cosmeceuticals that effectively enhance patient compliance towards treatment.

Get Active Ingredients and Excipients

Arichem Limited manages the entire process of sourcing for approved top-quality active ingredients and excipients from manufacturers across the globe, storage, packaging, and distribution to manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrochemicals, detergents industries both locally and regionally. In addition to providing a broad range of product offerings under this category, we also offer expert technical guidance to our customers.

Our experienced team of experts is positioned to offer customized services and solutions to meet all your needs.