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Our Products

Your one-stop-shop for premium quality chemical ingredients and excipients

Arichem Limited is a leading supplier of bulk chemicals and excipients with a proven track record of operational excellence.

Having been in operation for more than 15 years, we have established an extensive network with world-class manufacturers that enables us to source high-quality raw materials to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing options for bulk chemical compounds purchase.

Why work with Arichem Limited?

Driven by principles of excellence, innovation, and quality, Arichem Limited is committed to providing manufacturers across the region with access to a wide range of chemical compounds in a variety of quantities to meet their formulation requirements.

Committed to excellence 

As a chemical supplier, Arichem Limited sources and distributes the highest quality chemical compounds only from certified manufacturers. Our operational excellence does not only reflect in our efficient logistics management but also in our commitment to a sustainable environment, consumer health and safety, as well as continuous improvement of standards.

More than a supplier 

Choosing to work with Arichem Limited means that you are not only benefiting from access to a wide array of high-quality products from the world’s trusted manufacturers, but also a well-established supply chain. There is more. We provide technical expertise in the markets that our products represent and support our customers with timely deliveries, flexible packaging and distribution options, as well as customer-responsive customer support.

Accelerated product success

At Arichem Limited, we believe in walking together with our customers through their formulation development journey to meet business and society needs. This is through our expert guidance and a keen focus on delivering practical solutions. At Arichem, we go beyond well-managed just-in-time supply.

Our values and principles are entrenched in building long-standing relationships with our suppliers and our customers who are manufacturers, in an ecosystem that promotes efficient sourcing, holding, supply, and follow-up. Because we understand that we are not only serving our customers but also key industrial and consumer markets across the region.

Product Categories

What are you looking for?

A successful product is a manifestation of high-quality ingredients, the right selection of flavours and fragrances, and expertise during production. 

Whether you are looking for a specialized additive, active drug chemical, or supplement flavour, Arichem Limited stocks and supplies a broad product offering in various quantities to cater to large, medium, and small manufacturers. 

Active Ingredients and Excipients

Explore a broad range of active chemicals and excipients 

Active ingredients and excipients are core ingredients for product formulation in various industries including pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals, veterinary, nutrition and dietary supplements, as well as detergents.

Arichem Limited offers a broad portfolio of active chemical ingredients and excipients

Active Ingredients & Excipients



Set the bar high with pure, high-performance vitamins

High-quality vitamins equal consistently pure and premium raw materials. Consumers demand nothing less than the best and that is what Arichem Limited exists to offer. We do not compromise on quality because we are conscious of the genuine nutritional needs and well-being of consumers. What’s best is you get the best quality ingredients at unbeatable prices. 


Your single reliable source of flavours 

Inspired by the latest trends and bold irresistible flavours, we stay on top of our commitment to sourcing and delivering incredible flavor ingredients that will deliver an experience that tickles your customers’ senses and keeps them coming back for more. Furthermore, all Arichem Limited’s flavours are well-handled and properly maintained to maintain their true taste and profile longer. 



Fragrance Chemicals

Pure. Safe. Consistent performance.  

As one of the leading chemical fragrances in the region, we go the extra mile to procure the highest quality chemical fragrance ingredients in their purest forms. Our fragrances are useful in a wide range of applications together with flavors and colorants. 

At Arichem we have our hearts set on ensuring that our fragrances meet the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and propriety.

Colourants and Additives

A recognizable profile. A fun appeal.

Keep the appeal in your products with our consistently top-quality dyes and lakes. Our colorants are offered in two categories, dyes and lakes. In addition, these food, drug, and cosmetic colors are available in powder and liquid forms and are accompanied by proper handling and packaging that maintains their function and shelf life.

Colourants and Additives

Packaging Materials

Packaging Solutions

Key to all your packaging needs

Whether you are seeking convenient packaging or packaging that preserves freshness in your products, Arichem Limited is the solution for all your packaging requirements. Our packaging solutions do not only focus on convenience, we are keen on delivering value and sustainability.  

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions that cater to every market that our chemical compound represents and beyond.

Glass Jam Jars and Bottles

Endless variety. Safe and professional presentation.

Get an extensive range of well-designed glass jam jars with several form and function features to guarantee safe storage, transportation, and administration of the content that they hold.

Glass Jam Jars and Bottles

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Add unique, organic aromas and flavours to your products

Oils extracted from organic matter of alternative medicine that includes aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and more. They are also widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, cosmetics and personal care, as well as the food and beverage industries.  

Ideal for aromatherapy and other forms of alternative medicine as an effective approach to health and wellness.